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🛸 Beyond the Ordinary, Beyond the Stars 🛸


Greetings fellow Earthlings. We're on a quest to find the most rugged desert ravers to be consensually abducted (should our alien overlords have us). 


Introducing the Sky Portal Experience, a mind-bending collaboration between visionary architect Gregg Fleishman and artist / inventor Future Eyes. Step inside a geometric structure that's not just a work of art, but a technological marvel designed for making interdimensional contact.


Sky Portals are your gateway to the unknown, a bridge between our world and the mysteries of the cosmos. Gaze through a kaleidoscopic entrance to the stars, and find yourself in a realm where reality and the unknown coalesce.

Join us for a weekend of full moon magic Sep 29 + 30,  featuring cosmic ritual, live performances, DJ sets from people we can’t afford to put on the bill, and art that pushes the boundaries of human perception. 

Get on the List

To show our appreciation for you being a Future Eyes newsletter subscriber, we're giving away free GA passes to the first 100 RSVPS to use the promo code OJOSDELFUTURO at checkout

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